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Hey guys!  This is an official I-Need-Your-Feedback-PLEASE post!

I have noticed that there are like NO cool Downton Abbey mugs out there (especially in the US), so I made a few for me and my Downton BFF Gaby.  And I was just wondering if you guys would ever buy anything like this from me via Etsy or whatever.  I have been looking to make some extra cash lately (being poor is sad), and thought this could be a fun way to do it.  I promise I would keep them affordable and they’d be totally unique with options to add personalization for a couple bucks more.  And, who knows?  Maybe I could branch out into other fandoms (do I hear any squeals from Dr. Who fans?).

So, really:

Would anyone out there buy a super awesome hand-drawn Downton mug? 


I’d totally buy these! And if anyone likes Downton Abbey fan art, follow Robin!

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  3. rachelupshaw answered: I would buy two. Can you put “You’re a darling and i love you” on them?
  4. allmimsyweretheborogoves answered: I would SO buy this if you made them available. Downton nerd+tea obsession=perfect consumer for your product :)
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  7. betterthanbizarre answered: TAKE MY MONEY ;)
  8. fatherdowling answered: Omg yes! I need one yesterday!
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  12. oneithersidetheriverlie answered: Definately, Etsy is very lacking in Downton products, so get making girlfriend
  13. thelittlepoppett answered: most definitely!
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    I like the HIS and HERS mugs!
  17. totallyludicrous answered: You bet! I’m going to need several suitably trendy/witty/not-too-expensive Christmas and Hanukkah gifts.
  18. hesmyraggedydoctor answered: oh yes.
  19. thank-your answered: YES WANT. i visited highclere castle over the summer and all their mugs were tacky/cheap looking…these are perfect!
  20. queenbritbrit answered: I WANTTTT
  21. cotypubby answered: That is SO COOL! I would totally buy that first one!